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A unique technique to master staff and spinner

Welcome to the online staff juggling course with international artist Amit Kanig. In this course, you will join an extraordinary artistic journey in which Amit teaches his unique style and demonstrates how to use the full movement of the wrist for fast rotations and maximum number of rotations.

The course is designed for spinners of all levels, from beginners who want to try staff juggling to experienced spinners who want to improve and advance.

During the course, you will learn advanced techniques for spinning a staff handle in a fast and sharp way, which allow you to enjoy an amazing and spectacular performance in the advanced category.

Amit Kanig, an international artist who has performed in over 30 countries around the world, will share with you his knowledge and experience that he has accumulated in two decades of work and career in the field. With Amit, you will receive an experienced guide and teacher who will guide you on the exciting journey to achieve the highest level of skill.

The course provides the perfect tools for developing and completing your skills and allows you to break boundaries and realize your potential. Don’t miss the opportunity to sign up and start this amazing journey with Amit Kanig to become leading spinners in the field of staff juggling.

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28 lessons

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20 years of experience

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I am here to tell you that we are limitless

This is my life’s mission

I believe

I believe that everyone has a deep and inner need for self-fulfillment, uniqueness, self-expression, realizing their true potential, and a sense of belonging.

We all have inner abilities where we are stronger than others, and if we focus on developing them and realizing our full potential, we can give meaning and value to others, so all aspects of life change for the better.

I believe that it is possible to specialize in anything we want, even if it seems like we “don’t have it.” Through practical learning, stepping outside of our comfort zone, accepting failure as part of the process, practice, and perseverance, we can not only improve at it, but we can also turn a weakness into an advantage.

I believe that success comes to those who build self-discipline, to those who persevere even in difficult times, to those who have faith in their way. As the saying goes, nothing stands in the way of desire.

I believe that my way can empower those who are facing physical or emotional limitations, to those who feel “below average.” I believe that the way I found can fill with light and hope those who are told that “they can’t or will never be able to.”

And I ask that you also believe that if society labels you as incapable or incapable, this is exactly the place to show your ability, to show that there is another way. It is time for self-fulfillment, learn to develop yourself, do not give up on your dream.

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