Juggling Minds

I believe we are limitless

Juggling Minds

Life’s Extraordinary Journey: A Unique Circus Presentation and Personal Story.

We invite you to join us for an extraordinary and empowering experience. This unique presentation combines an exceptional life story with a professional and captivating circus performance, enriched with light and movement.

Amit’s personal journey, from being diagnosed with autism and severe motor issues as a child to becoming a successful international circus performer, is both moving and inspiring. He defies societal labels and showcases the boundless potential within us.

Get excited with Amit as he shares his challenges, successes, and his thriving international performance journey. Onstage, he demonstrates that being labeled as disabled by society doesn’t limit your true potential.

This inspiring lecture delivers messages of empowerment, hope, and unwavering faith. It’s an opportunity for all of us to get inspired and connect with the belief in our ability to succeed against all odds.”

“We share in Amit’s excitement as he recounts the challenges and triumphs of his unique life journey and showcases his successful international performance tour. Onstage, Amit defies societal labels and proves the boundless potential within us.

This inspiring presentation imparts empowering messages, brimming with hope and unwavering faith. It’s an opportunity for all to connect with the belief in the capacity to triumph against all odds.

The presentation, backed by endorsements from cultural leaders and institution managers, continues to thrive. We invite you to embrace the inspiration for a limitless life.”

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Life-Changing Lecture

From ASD to International Circus Artist: A Remarkable Journey

I'm Here to Tell You That We Are Limitless

This Is My Life’s Mission

A lecture heard from north to south

To show that we are limitless

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"Every child needs one adult who believes in them."

"Give a child wings and they will learn to fly."

"I believe."

“I believe that every person has a deep and inner need for self-fulfillment, uniqueness, self-expression, realizing their true potential, and a sense of belonging.

We all have inner abilities where we are stronger than others, and if we focus on unlocking and realizing our full potential, we can provide meaning and value to others, and all aspects of life change for the better.

I believe that we can excel in anything we want, even if it seems like ‘we don’t have it.’ Through practical learning, stepping out of our comfort zone, embracing failure as part of the process, practice, and perseverance, we can not only improve in that area but also turn the disadvantage into an advantage.

I believe that success comes to those who build self-discipline, persevere even in tough times, and have faith in their path. As it is said, nothing stands in the way of determination.

I believe that my journey can empower those dealing with physical or emotional disabilities, and those who feel ‘below average.’ I believe that my path can fill with light and hope for those who are told that ‘they can’t or never will.’

And I ask that you also believe that if society labels you as incapable or disabled, it’s precisely the place to show ability, to show that there’s another way. It’s time for self-fulfillment, learn to develop yourselves, and don’t give up on your dream.”

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להתרגש כל פעם מחדש

To inspire is my mission

"The lecture was fascinating, clear and orderly, inspiring, raised many questions among the spectators and sparked a conversation among the trainees even after it. Amit's lecture changes perceptions and attitudes towards difference and diversity in society and promotes belief in each person's abilities to succeed and progress."

Zeev Sela
Director of Shibulim association
"Thanks to Amit, we've come to realize just how valuable courage, perseverance, self-confidence, and belief can be in the end, leading us to fulfillment and self-satisfaction. Amit's presentation wasn't just words; it was action too. Amit managed to explain all those essential life tools while delivering a spectacular, fascinating, and moving performance!"
Ilana Monka
Director of Shibulim association
I have known Amit for over 7 years, He is not only a true dedicated artist with strong ambitions and performance achievements world-wide, but rather a profound human being with deeper vision to transform his methods, believes and way of life to young artists and individuals.
Orit Wolf (PH.D)
International concert pianist

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