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A child on the Spectrum becomes international success story

Amit Kenig

World Renowned Staff Spinner

Amit Kenig is an internationally renowned juggler. In recent years, he has performed in over 30 countries with some of the world’s biggest circuses. He has performed in Canada, on a tour of the United States, in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, and even in the Far East, in front of hundreds of thousands of people. He performs alongside top-level circus artists and has even been dubbed the “fastest Staff spinner in the circus world.”

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Stage performer and motivational speaker

Today, Amit is collaborating with the international company Pyroterra Lighttoys from the Czech Republic. Together, they created Amit’s new solo show called “UPGRADED,” which is also intended for an international tour.

When you see Amit performing with confidence on stage, it’s hard to believe that the international juggling artist who performs as a crazy fast performer in a futuristic and innovative show is actually the same kid who was insecure and diagnosed with autism on the spectrum. But Amit managed to surprise everyone and prove that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Amit is not only a performing artist but also a mentor who succeeds in inspiring hope in others. In Israel, he dedicates his time to giving an inspiring lecture called “Juggling Minds,” in which he performs in front of educators, teenagers, children, parents, and communities to prove that with a little determination and a lot of self-confidence, anyone can succeed.

The UPGRADED Light Experience

A breathtaking, innovative, and international light show

Collaboration between Amit Kenig and the international company “Pyroterra Lighttoys” from the Czech Republic. Together they created Amit’s High-Tech one man show called “UPGRADED” which is based on an innovative technique synchronized with beautiful digital light effects.


A mesmerizing and innovative light show performed by Amit Kenig

A mesmerizing and innovative light show that combines stunning visual effects with a grand juggling performance, creating an immersive and energetic experience that will leave you breathless. 

Red or Blue

A Juggling Show That Takes You on a Wild Ride Through the World of Madness and Elegance

A staff juggling show that combines world-class technique with virtuosity, inviting the audience into a wild, energetic, and slightly strange world. With a balance between madness and elegance.

International tour


United States






30 countries around the world

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"We got to know a special person, a true artist, dedicated and with the utmost seriousness towards art and creation. Amit is a virtuoso, a juggler who knows how to create breathtaking stage magic every time anew, and every time he gives his all as if it were the first time.

In the year that has passed, Amit has continued to work with us at Pyromania, and there is no doubt that his presence as an artist and creator contributes significantly to our shows and events."
Zohar Markman & Anat Dotan
"I had the privilege of working with the talented performing artist Amit Kenig in 2015 of the show Monaco: Les Amants du Rocher.
Amit Kenig's contribution to this production was invaluable, His work as a multi-disciplined circus performer, were integrated seamlessly into the narrative of the production. His skills and experience are an international elite level. His work ethic is of the highest level among a highly collaborative team. As a director of many large scale events I recommend without hesitation the performing artist Amit Kenig."
Krista Monson
Artistic director Cirque du Soleil
"I would like to praise he virtuosity of not only a great talent but also a great person: Amit Kenig.
I was impressed by Amit's willingness to explore new ideas and his dedication to the production. Equally important was his good nature and professionalism both on and off the stage.
His act was a hit with audiences and a true show stopper! I can't recommend enough Amit Kenig as a performer. He brings an incredible act to any project and more importantly a wonderful human energy to any place"
Fernando Quevedo
Producer\director - Q production Las Vegas

Where there's a will, there's a way

"I am a testament to the fact that the combination of will, courage, and imagination can break any barrier."

I believe

I believe that every person has a deep and internal need for self-actualization, uniqueness, self-expression, the realization of their true potential, and a sense of belonging.

We all have inner abilities in which we are stronger than others, and if we focus on developing them and realizing our full potential, we can give meaning and value to others, so all aspects of life change for the better.

I believe that it is possible to specialize in anything we want, even if it seems like we “don’t have it.” Through practical learning, stepping out of our comfort zones, accepting failure as part of the process, practice, and perseverance, we can not only improve at it, but we can also turn our weaknesses into strengths.

I believe that success comes to those who build self-discipline, to those who persevere even in difficult times, to those who have faith in their way. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

I believe that my way can empower those who face physical or emotional limitations, those who feel “below average.” I believe that the way I found can fill with light and hope those who are told that “they cannot or will never be able to.”

And I ask that you also believe that if society labels you as incapable or unable, this is exactly the place to show your capabilities, to show that it is possible to do things differently. This is the time for self-actualization, learn to develop yourself, do not give up on your dream.

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